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    How to make a facial scrub at home

    Karl Lagerfeld said: “They say that beauty requires sacrifice … Bullshit! Beauty requires money! ”A well- groomed girl is a beautiful girl. Women spend a lot of money and time on grooming to look perfect. But not all face and body care products that we see on store shelves are vital, this is just a marketing ploy of famous […]

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    How to make coffee cake fertilizer

    For many people, good morning is a cup of hot espresso after waking up. Coffee inventive women used for beauty for many years. Trace elements contained in coffee improve the condition of the skin, especially if you regularly make a coffee scrub . Coffee has a beneficial effect on plants, so why not use coffee meal as a fertilizer ? Coffee […]

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    How to fertilize indoor plants

    Woman's hands transplanting plant.

    Not everyone loves home plants . However, for some people they are just like children who need attention and care. Best fertilizer A large number of plants is useful both for improving the air quality in the apartment, and for raising the mood. How can you not be happy looking at all this greenery and bright flowers ? In order for […]

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    How to plant roses in the fall

    A beautiful lush rose garden is the dream of every gardener. However, this is not an easy task for beginners. Why do roses need to be planted in the fall ? Planting roses in the fall If you plant roses in the fall, they will take root well in the warm, damp earth before frosts. Already in the spring you […]

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    Why you need to be careful when cleaning your home

    Concentrated woman scrubbing the bar in kitchen

    A clean and comfortable home is the dream of every self-respecting housewife. But over time, cleaning becomes so routine and boring that we stop giving it enough time and effort. It seems to us that everything seems to be already clean and you can do other things with a calm soul, but in fact there is a […]

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    How to clean your bathroom with home remedies

    close up of hand with detergent cleaning toilet

    Every good housewife makes sure that the apartment is always clean and comfortable. And most of the problems in this regard arise with the toilet and the bathroom, because there you need to maintain cleanliness constantly. Olga Papsueva, as an experienced hostess, is well aware of this, and she also has a couple of effective ways to […]

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    How do you hold your phone? Much depends on the answer

    Phones have become an integral part of our lives. Relationships, friendships, work – everything in this small device. Think for a moment, how many times a day do you hold it in your hands? It turns out that the way you hold your phone plays an important role. The editors of “So Easy!” Offer you to take a personality test , which […]

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    The shape of the legs can reveal all your secrets! It turns out that a lot depends on this

    Human character test

    Each person is a unique person, and it is rather reckless to judge the other by his appearance. Nevertheless, there is still some correlation between character and external data. Otherwise, we would not talk about “strong-willed chin” or “smart forehead”. We all go through life, and it would be strange if the legs that carry us along it could […]